“I would like to tell Dr. Grant and his staff, that I thank them for their kindness and personal touch to their work. I have had very bad experiences very many times and many years my children have always had a good experience coming to their office. So I would recommend anyone to their office. So thank you again. We love their personal touch. Please don`t change anything. We look forward to seeing all of you again.”
– DeDe“The entire staff is friendly and fun. I always hear laughter in the office when I`m there. Dr. Grant seems to genuinely care about his patients and is probably the only doctor who could convince me to go to his office in Meridian from downtown Boise.”
–Laurel“Dr. Grant, You are such a great person! Thank you for giving David and I bleach trays, you will never know how much we appreciate such a generous gift. Thank you for making our smiles brighter!”
– Heidi & DavidIt`s been a week now since I had six upper teeth extracted by Dr. Grant and my new denture put in. The procedure itself was painless(except for the shots!) and only took about half an hour. I kept the denture in for the first forty- eight hours as per Dr. Grant`s instructions. The bleeding stopped within an hour and a half and out came the gauze! By the next day all the facial swelling was gone and I only had to take one pain pill! Now a week later and Dr. Grant is doing the first adjustments. It`s been a generally positive experience. I am pleased with my new smile and looking forward to better dental health.“I have used Dr. Grant for all my dental needs for about a year now. I have never been too tied to one dentist….until now. In my usual fashion I was having a tooth ache, but put it off hoping it would go away on its own. On Christmas Eve morning my teeth were killing me. I figured I was out of luck and would not enjoy the feasting of Christmas Eve. I thought I would try my dentist anyway. He was amazing! I was met at his office that morning, my teeth were taken care of, and I walked out of the office feeling very little pain. By that night I felt great able to enjoy the holiday! Dr. Grant was caring and considerate, and accommodating. I would refer him to all my friends and family.”

“I have been going to Dr. Grant since 2007 and I have never had any problems with pain. They really care. They make sure you are doing great. They talk to you about what they are doing and what will happen. My kids feel very at ease and ask me to make appointments to take care of their teeth. There teeth are better just because they know they are taking better care of there teeth. They also feel at ease with him and there staff. The only thing I can say is they care.”
– Loree

“Dr. Grant has been my Family Dentist for the entire time I have lived in Boise. Out of the 5 Dentists that I have seen in my life he is the Best! His staff is Exceptional and I have ALWAYS had great experiences with him. I especially appreciate how Great of a job he does with my kids! They love going to the Dentist! I would recommend him to anyone looking to go to the Best Dentist!”
– Mike

“I always have a very positive experience with all the staff. No matter what the problems are the staff will take care of it. Dr. Grant is just a perfectionist in every way! I just love to come there here because I know they will care for everything that needs to be done.”
– Erna

“I was so so happy Dr. Grant fixed my fillings, he fixed my stained tooth on the bottom, I never thought any dentist would be able too. I`ve been to four dentists that told me they couldn`t fix it and thanks to Dr. Grant he made my smile 100% better and gave me confidence. I am so thankful for my visit today. You guys are the best, very awesome people. Thank you bunches.”
– Sevin