At Grant Dental you will be comfortable knowing you’re in the hands of an experienced, local dentist who cares for you and the Treasure Valley community. You’ll find our Dental office is fun and friendly with a kind and caring staff to ensure you receive first-class dental care. We’re experienced in pediatric dentistry so don’t be afraid to bring the whole family to get the fast, friendly treatment you deserve by an exceptional dentist and staff who care about your comfort. If it has been a while since your last visit, Dr. Grant has invested heavily in advanced Sedation Dentistry training and technology to make it an easy experience for you to get your oral health back on track. Our dental staff, located in Meridian & Boise, Idaho, is ready to help take care of your dental needs with the latest technology and practices every dentist should have. Whether you require routine dentistry, teeth whitening, or need emergency tooth care, veneers, a crown, or want cosmetic dentistry work, come see Dr. Grant and leave with a smile today!

“I am passionate about dentistry. I enjoy what I do and love my patients. As a health care provider I am committed to providing people with complete and comprehensive dental care at the highest level. I believe every patient should be educated about their oral health and understand that oral health influences their overall health and wellness. At our office we believe you are only as healthy as your mouth.“ -Dr. Grant

Our Dentist Office is Highly Trained in The Latest Dental Technology and Best Practices. Dr. Grant graduated from the Case School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. While there he was honored with the Pierre Fauchard Academy Leadership Award and the International College of Dentists Leadership Award. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Dr. Grant remains passionate about education and dental medicine practices. As a dedicated dentist, Dr. Grant continues to research the latest technology and is constantly updating his skills to the newest techniques and best practices in order to offer his patients optimal care.

Dr. Grant loves spending time with his wife and kids. He has made humanitarian service a priority and frequently visits countries such as Dominican Republics with the G3 Foundation to provide dental services and practices for people in need. He serves on the Regence Caring for Children Foundation board of directors and takes an active part in the community. You can feel comfortable knowing you’re in the hands of an Idaho Dentist who cares for you and the Boise and Treasure Valley community.

With our conveniently located office in Meridan, we service are are well know throughout the entire Treasure Valley area. Our dental office is fun and friendly with a kind and caring staff to support Dr. Grant and bring you first-class care. Bring the whole family in and get treated by an exceptional dentist. Fix your smile or get rid of your tooth pain. Our dental staff are ready to take care of your dental needs with the latest technology and practices every dentist should have. Come see Dr. Grant and leave with a smile today!

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“Most people hate going to the dentist. But I don’t mind going to my visits with Dr. Grant. It’s a pain-free experience, and I know I will leave his office looking better than when I entered.” -Amy from Nampa

“The entire staff is friendly and fun. I always hear laughter in the office when I`m there. Dr. Grant seems to genuinely care about his patients and is probably the only doctor who could convince me to go to his office in Meridian from downtown Boise.” -Laurel

“Dr. Grant has been my Family Dentist for the entire time I have lived in Boise. Out of the 5 Dentists that I have seen in my life he is the Best! His staff is Exceptional and I have ALWAYS had great experiences with him. I especially appreciate how Great of a job he does with my kids! They love going to the Dentist! I would recommend him to anyone looking to go to the Best Dentist!” – Mike