It’s no secret that adult diseases are often linked to a greater risk of oral health issues. Diabetes and gum disease seem to go hand-in-hand. Heart disease has also been linked to periodontitis. Older adults, even those who have lost many of their teeth, need oral care just as much as children and young adults. Making this situation even worse is that many of the medications used to treat chronic illnesses in seniors can cause oral health problems. When we ask you about medicine that you take, please make sure to tell us everything. We need to know about over-the-counter medications, like antihistamines or aspirin. Our goal is to provide comfortable and appropriate treatment for your teeth, without causing other health problems. We can help you deal with the symptoms of disease, but also treat the underlying condition to protect your teeth and health. Common Side Effects With Medications By talking to us about issues you are experiencing with your gums, teeth, and mouth, we can more effectively treat you.

Here are a few of the side effects you may experience when taking medicine.
• Dry mouth
• Gum tissue overgrowth
• Tooth discoloration
• Abnormal bleeding
• Soft-tissue reactions

Solutions Are Available
Our dental team can help you deal with many of the side effects caused by common medications. For example, antihistamines, which frequently cause dry mouth, can be treated by drinking more water or using sugarless lozenges to stimulate saliva production. If you take a blood-thinning medication, such as warfarin or aspirin, this can create abnormal bleeding during a procedure that may not clot effectively. We can only help if you come see us regularly: adults of every age should be visiting their dentist at least twice a year. We need to know which medications you are taking to help you find the right treatment option.

There are many different and new procedures to take care of common side effects when you are dealing with other health problems. Talk to us about your oral hygiene routine and problems. We can find the solution that fits your needs.

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