There are a number of cosmetic-related solutions within the world of dental care, and one of the most effective is a product grouping called Lumineers. A more specialized form of veneer, Lumineers are a great way for people to get a brighter smile they may not have been able to find through standard veneers. At Scott W. Grant, D.M.D., we offer comprehensive Lumineer services to all our clients. What are the benefits of Lumineers, and why might they be right for you? Let’s find out.


For any teeth that are cracked, chipped, incorrectly sized or badly colored, Lumineers are a perfect aesthetic enhancement. They’re even thinner than standard porcelain veneers, with a ceramic shell about as thick as a contact lens. This means they can be fit comfortable over your smile without intruding on the bite or any other area of tooth operation. They’re also fully customizable around any cracks or chips, or to help correct size and spacing issues.

Faster and Easier Preparation

Both the treatment itself and the preparation for Lumineers are faster than their corresponding times for standard veneers. There’s no need to wear temporary veneers before the Lumineers are put in place, which shaves time off preparation. There are also no anesthetic or shots required. In addition, there’s no need to prepare the tooth in the same ways often necessary for veneers. This allows the teeth to retain their natural structure more easily without sacrificing any of the beautiful look you’re going for. Your dentist can explain more about why the structure of teeth is so vital.

Fully Reversible

Best of all, Lumineers are fully reversible if they don’t have the effect you’re looking for. They’re easy to remove without major pain or hassle, though their general success rate makes this a very unlikely reality. Want to learn more about Lumineers, or any other element of our dental services or dental surgery procedures? Speak to the service staff at Scott W. Grant, D.M.D. today.

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