At the offices of Grant Dental, we’re proud to be a family dentist office that serves patients of all ages. And while many rightly think first about dental services for their children, another age bracket of the population requires vital dental care as well: Seniors. Oral health is an important but often-overlooked part of a senior’s general health and well-being. In many cases, it can become an issue when arthritis or neurological issues make basic oral care more difficult to carry out or remember on a daily basis. Let’s look at a few common oral health issues older patients face, and how they can be avoided.


Oral decay is a common disease in people at age 65 or older – 92 percent of seniors at this age or older have had dental caries in their permanent teeth. In addition, many seniors don’t go to the dentist as often as they should, allowing cavities to increase undetected for longer than they should. Keeping regular appointments is the best way to prevent cavities, and to get them handled in the appropriate ways when they do crop up.

Dry Mouth

Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth is common among seniors – about 20 percent of elderly people suffer from it. In many cases, this is due to medications that seniors are taking for other conditions. To help counter this, we recommend drinking lots of fluids and limiting intake of caffeine and alcohol.

Gum Disease

Gum disease, or an infection of the gums and surrounding tissues in the teeth, can affect people of all ages. However, it tends to worsen as people get older. Many people don’t even realize they have it at first, but advanced cases can cause sore gums and pain while chewing. Gum disease is usually caused by poor brushing and flossing habits, so an increase here is a good way to prevent this.

Trouble Eating

Whether it’s cavities, missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, oral health issues can cause difficulty eating for some seniors. This will often force a slight alteration of the diet. For more on senior oral care, or to find out about any of our other general dentist servicesspeak to the staff at Grant Dental today.

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