We offer numerous corrective procedures at Scott W. Grant, D.M.D., and one of the best known is the root canal. This is a process where the infected pulp of a tooth is removed at the root, allowing the tooth to become healthier and avoid removal. Within this process and others within dental care, there are many common myths that may cause certain people to avoid treatment they badly need. Here are some of these common misconceptions regarding root canals, and the actual truth.

It’s Extremely Painful

Most people simply assume this treatment will be extremely painful, but modern technology means this isn’t actually the case. Anesthetics and sedation have come a long way, and the use of basic technology allows a root canal to feel relatively similar to a basic dental filling. You may feel some pressure or impact, which your dentist will warn you about, but no actual pain.

It Causes Illness

This myth originated nearly 100 years ago, and despite being repeatedly debunked, it still persists in some circles. The study that appeared to prove the connection between specific illnesses and root canals was actually meant as propaganda to help a particular doctor promote extractions over root canals. In reality, root canals are extremely safe and effective. They eliminate bacteria from the teeth along with removing dead or decaying roots, which helps improve both oral health and overall health.

Extraction Does the Same Thing

An extraction is a far more traumatic procedure to the mouth than a root canal, but some are under the impression that they accomplish the same results. An extraction leaves no adequate replacement for a natural tooth, and also allows more bad bacteria into the bloodstream than a root canal. A root canal allows you to keep your original tooth without any additional treatment or cost, and with fewer risks.

It Only Works Temporarily

Root canals are a long-lasting procedure. They preserve teeth indefinitely, and as long as the final crown is implanted correctly, all you’ll need moving forward are basic routine visits to the dentist to confirm there are no issues. Want to learn more about root canals, or interested in any other information about our family dentist office? The friendly staff at Scott W. Grant, D.M.D. are standing by.

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