Financing your dental care at Grant DentalAt Grant Dental we fully believe that outstanding dental care is one of the best investments you can make in yourself!  A beautifully restored smile can provide self-esteem and confidence to those who have been self-conscious about their appearance.  Just as importantly, medical studies over many decades have shown the interconnectedness of oral health and overall health, including direct correlations with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.  And getting consistent preventative dental care can avoid emergencies and chronic conditions over time that are often painful, both physically and economically.  Add it all up and investing in your dental care today is a great decision.  We are committed to providing you with financial options to make that decision a reality!  Here are some of the most common ways our patients finance their care at Grant Dental!

Dental insurance.  We work with most major dental insurance companies, including Delta Dental, Blue Cross of Idaho, Metlife Dental, and more.  When you first come to Grant Dental we will gather your current insurance information and perform a complimentary benefit.  We will also file claims with your insurance company and work with them to effectively use your benefits.

While dental insurance is a great benefit for many people, remember that most dental insurance does not fully cover the costs of treatment or provide unlimited benefits.  It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that we have up-to-date information on your insurance policy or policies.  To assist with this, we will ask you if there has been an update in your coverage at each and every visit. Patients should understand their coverage and will be responsible for deductibles, co-insurance payments, and balances after their benefits have been exhausted.  Because of these variables that are outside of our control, all financial arrangements we provide are estimates of coverage.  If the more precise understanding of your insurance coverage is needed, we will gladly send a pre-authorization to your insurance company.

Patient Loyalty Plan.  No insurance?  No problem!  The Grant Dental Patient Loyalty Plan (or PLP) can provide you with discounts on almost every service we provide.  A small, one-time annual premium will get you access to discounts from 10-50% on preventative and restorative care.  We even have special bundles for dental implants and wisdom teeth that include IV sedation.  All this with no deductibles, claims forms, or yearly maximums.  Special financing options are also available PLP members.

In-House Financing.  Grant Dental has in-house financing options available for established, creditable patients.  Depending on your balance, we can break up your payments into 3, 6, or 12-month plans at low-interest rates when you set up an automated recurring billing plan on your credit card.

Care Credit. We also offer financing through Care Credit for those who qualify.  Care Credit financing allows you to finance your dental care with no fees or upfront costs.  Both shorter-term (under 24 months) and longer-term (up to 60 months) financing is available, with some terms and conditions set by Care Credit applying.

Old School Payment Methods.  Yes, we will gladly accept cash, checks, and credit card (VISA or MasterCard) payments for your deductible, co-insurance payment, or account balance.  We can even send you a text to pay via credit card on your phone!

Your dental care is too important to put off!  Grant Dental’s billing department is here to help you afford the care you need.  You can reach us at (208) 985-7222 with any questions or concerns you may have.

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