As a premier provider of dental surgery and other forms of dental care in Meridian, we at Grant Dental have seen every possible cause of dental implants. We’re here to provide safe and affordable implant services for you whenever you may need them, and a big part of this involves the care you take after your procedure. Dental implants are often to help begin the healing process for an affected area of the mouth, and how you care for this area can often determine how well this happens. Here are a few basic tips for caring for dental implants.

Right After Procedure

There are a few basic checklist items to follow in the few days directly after your dental surgery. As far as liquids go, you’ll want to be as selective as possible – nothing hot for at least 24 hours, and try to avoid swilling any high-pressure liquid in the affected area. From an eating perspective, hold off completely until the anesthetic has worn off, and try to avoid putting heavy pressure on the affected area for the first few days. We also recommend holding off on any intense exercise for 48 hours or so, as this can potentially jar things loose or increase pain symptoms.


Cleaning is very important to keep your mouth healthy after a procedure, and it starts pretty soon after. We’ll give you a mouthwash to use for at least a week, and you can begin cleaning your non-impacted teeth normally after just a day or so. We absolutely discourage smoking of any kind until the wound has healed completely.

Pain Management

For the most part, basic painkillers will remove any normal pain you’ll have for the first few days. If you’re looking for some additional help, hot salt mouthwashes work for many people. If pain symptoms don’t subside within a few days, you may want to speak to your dentist.

Swelling or Bruising

It’s totally normal for your affected area to swell up and perhaps visibly bruise. In many cases, this swelling or bruising will be at its worst a couple days after the actual procedure. Ice packs and other cold sources do a great job of reducing this, and some people switch to gentle heat after the major swelling has gone down. Want to learn more about dental implants, or any of our family dental care services? Speak to the professionals at Grant Dental today.

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