When it comes to teeth whitening, some who have struggled in this area will try just about anything. Getting the teeth to be a shinier white color can be tough for some people, and they often get desperate and will try crazy measures to achieve this. At the offices of Grant Dental, we’re here to tell you this isn’t necessary. Our simple teeth whitening and bleaching procedure is both safe and effective, with a low cost that won’t be a burden to you. It’s definitely preferable to one alternative that has become a trend in the dental world recently, but one that might be both dangerous and ineffective: Charcoal teeth whitening. Let’s look at some of the myths and what you really need to know here.

Charcoal Myths

There are some out there who claim that using charcoal toothpaste, adding activated charcoal to existing toothpaste, or even simply applying charcoal paste to the teeth can help remove tooth stains. Firstly, a basic truth: Scientific studies have not provided conclusive evidence that this works, and in fact, it’s possible charcoal can contribute to yellowing the teeth rather than making them white. In addition, charcoal toothpaste wears down tooth enamel. This exposes dentin, which is yellow and may appear worse than what was above it. Enamel is also vital for protecting teeth, and stripping it away can cause permanent damage to more sensitive teeth.

What to Know

If you’re still considering trying charcoal toothpaste, be very cautious. Only use this toothpaste once every other week, and don’t brush for very long. If you have any gum recession or other gum-related issues, you should likely not use this toothpaste at all. If you notice sensitivity developing in your teeth, stop using this product.

Safer Choices

If you’d still like whiter teeth without the potential damaging effects of charcoal, you have options. First is our teeth whitening program, but there are additional supplements: Take-home kits and approved whitening toothpastes among them. If you need products beyond what you can buy at a pharmacy, speak to a dental professional first. For more on teeth whitening, or to learn about any other family dentist servicesspeak to the staff at the offices of Grant Dental today.

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