At the offices of Grant Dental, our dental implants service is one of our largest sources of pride as a family dentist office. Whatever the reason or cause for your missing or damaged teeth, we can help you get the proper replacements that benefit you in both oral health and cosmetic areas. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, about 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. With this number expected to continue growing, many might ask: Why do so many people feel they don’t have to replace missing teeth? Here are some of the risks of leaving a missing tooth with no replacement.

Healthy Tooth Decay

When teeth shift around in the mouth, which we’ll discuss in a moment, they can make it tough to reach and clean certain other areas. Extra space in the mouth can also function as a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, which can cause decay in other teeth that are not missing.

Face Changes

Many aren’t aware of it, but the roots of teeth play a big role in the development of bones in and around the jaw. Chewing food, for instance, stimulates these roots and their corresponding bones. But when you lose a tooth, not all areas of bone are being stimulated. This can cause certain bone areas to resorb, which can cause certain parts of the face to appear sunken in. You may also notice functional issues as well, particularly in the jawbone.

Tooth Shifting

The adult jaw is designed to hold 28 teeth, and the entire mouth functions within this construct. If certain teeth fall out and are not replaced, others will slowly start to shift into the open space. This can lead to biting issues, plus jaw damage from straining of the joint. In a worst-case scenario, teeth may erupt and have major sensitivity issues.

Digestive Issues

Even a single missing tooth can change the way you chew food, which is a big part of the digestive process. Various issues can result from this, including acid reflux and even choking when food isn’t chewed entirely.

Speech Troubles

Certain people with missing teeth begin slurring certain words or sounds based on the way the tongue interacts with teeth. This condition may cause you to have to put more thought into saying certain words just to avoid spitting or lisping. For more on how a missing tooth can damage your oral health, or to learn about how our dental implants and crown services can help, speak to the staff at Grant Dental today.

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