Oral Sedation Dentistry in Meridian & Boise, ID makes Oral Health Possible

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Grant addresses the fear you have, whether from past experiences or severe phobias, by enabling a safe state of relaxation. Foregoing dental treatment is extremely detrimental to your entire health and may result in needing more invasive, painful and expensive treatment later on.

Oral sedation works by providing a deep state of relaxation. Patients need a companion to escort them to and from their appointment. True relaxation is achieved by taking a pill upon arrival. After taking the pill, you are still able to communicate, though you are completely at ease, plus you enjoy a significantly lower sensation of pain, enabling routine or extended dental treatments.

A Stress-Free Dental Visit is Truly Possible

Dr. Grant ensures safe sedation by continually monitoring you, ensuring your comfort and a healthy level of sedation. Sedation dentistry has evolved to serve more people, who are reluctant to seek dental treatment. Please know that modern dentistry is so much more comfortable from even ten years ago, plus sedation can make anyone a healthy dental patient.

Dentistry has evolved to meet your needs. Your fears about dental procedures can evolve too. Call Dr. Grant today for a compassionate and honest consultation about sedation dentistry and you.


“I underwent sedation for a procedure with Dr. Grant. The process was so easy. I just took the medication as directed the night before and then again in the morning. I arrived at the office and felt fine. About the time I was getting numbed up was when it really kicked in. The next thing I know I’m waking up at home after the procedure and just felt a little drowsy. I would recommend the sedation for anyone who is getting some work. I needed my wisdom teeth removed. They all had come in wrong. Some were at a sharp angle coming in sideways. I was kind of nervous at first because I had seen how some of my friends had turned out after the wisdom teeth were pulled: cheeks swollen like a chipmunk, some got bruises, and sometimes it lasted for a week or two. The procedure went amazing though. I got in and after it was done I felt fine. Dr. Grant and his staff were great. I had the extraction done on a Thursday morning and by Saturday afternoon I was starting to eat solid food, I think it was a cheeseburger. Things went extremely well.”

– Bryce from Meridian