Our local Idaho dentist will recommend teeth whitening as a safe simple, and low cost procedure used to lighten and brighten discolored teeth. Dentists have found teeth become discolored for several reasons. The most common reasons for discoloration is due from extrinsic or external staining. Staining or yellowing occurs from age, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, medications, chemically-induced stains, excessive fluoride, accidents, trauma, and decay. Unfortunately teeth whitening is not effective in whitening existing crowns or porcelain veneers.

Our Dentist Recommended Solution

With home teeth whitening, you apply a mild whitening solution inside a custom-made tray which is worn during the day or night. Dr. Grant has recommended teeth whitening to many who have benefited from this low-cost teeth whitening solution.


“I had a tooth that was dead and had been dark and discolored since I was young. Dr. Grant recommended I do internal bleaching for my tooth. The results were amazing and so quick! Dr. Grant and his staff were so caring and positive. I am very happy with how white my tooth is and feel a lot more confident about my smile. Thanks for such a great experience!” -Cameo “I came to Dr. Grant’s office to have chairside bleaching. I wanted to have my teeth bleached because my teeth weren’t as white as I wanted. Dr. Grant and his staff told me about chairside bleaching and I thought it was a great idea. I got my teeth bleached and I am happy with the results and I recommend people to do it. I like the employees at Dr. Grant’s office, they make me feel comfortable and I think they are great people.”

Can Whitening Damage Teeth?

Several reliable studies have been conducted by dentists which demonstrate that teeth whitening causes no damage to the tooth structure. It does not cause brittleness or weakening of teeth; no cavities or gum problems have been shown to form because of the bleaching. Your dentist will tell you that some people have experienced sensitivity to hot and cold for a day or two as a side effect. Our teeth whitening is dentist recommended, low cost, and gets you great results.

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