Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you experiencing severe pain in your mouth? It could be due to impacted teeth in the very back of your mouth—often referred to as wisdom teeth. If these teeth are causing pain or not growing in properly, visit Grant Dental for immediate wisdom teeth removal in Meridian & Boise.

As premier providers of quality dental services in Idaho, Grant Dental provides patients with quick and easy wisdom teeth removal to maintain a beautiful smile. From Meridian to Boise, and everywhere in between, we offer effective treatments to this common condition while minimizing pain and discomfort throughout the process. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff utilizes cutting-edge technologies and equipment to help ensure you get the best possible treatment.

Not only is our service, process, follow-up second to none, our pricing is fantastic. We’re happy to explain our program when you come in and you won’t be disappointed!

Everyone is born with two sets of teeth: your primary (baby) teeth, and your permanent teeth. A full set of 32 permanent teeth includes four molars in the back called wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are often the last to grow in, generally coming during your teenage years.

Not everyone will have wisdom teeth that erupt from the gums, and not everyone will need them removed, but for cases where they are causing pain, growing in crooked, or potentially causing your otherwise straight teeth to move around, many dentists recommend that you have them removed.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Some patients with healthy gums and teeth that are aligned and growing in properly may not need to undergo a wisdom teeth removal procedure. However, those who are suffering from severe pain and complications associated with impacted wisdom tooth will often want them removed. It is often easiest to remove them if you are between the ages of 15-25, and the recovery time can be shorter. Early extraction helps avoid the following complications:

  • Tumors or cysts that form around impacted teeth
  • Chronic pain due to impacted teeth
  • Bacterial infection that can cause a wound
  • Orthodontia complications with tooth alignment and bite alignment

At Grant Dental, we perform detailed x-ray and oral examinations to show how tooth eruption is progressing in teens and young adults. We may also recommend an immediate wisdom tooth removal procedure for older adults who are experiencing symptoms and complications.

About the Procedure

Wisdom teeth removal can be done either under full anesthesia, or under local anesthesia at our office. Before we do anything, we will discuss the process and make recommendations about which type of procedure we think would be best for you.

The Recovery Process

Recovery time varies, but teens and young adults with few or no complications can recover in just a few days. When you leave our office we will provide you with instructions and tips to help you minimize the recovery time, including eating the right type of food and keeping your mouth clean to get the best results. Our entire team will help you through the process by monitoring your condition and answering all of your questions.

Schedule an Examination Today

Call (208) 888-2000 (Meridian Office) or (208) 893-5000 (Boise Office) to speak with our professional staff and find out if you should have your wisdom teeth removed. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and provide honest recommendations based on your needs.