In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the primary methods you can use to soothe a toothache, whether for yourself or your child. This might only be during the period while you make your way to the dentist, but toothaches can be very painful and knowing this basic information is important. At the offices of Grant Dental, we can help with this and numerous other areas of preventive dentistry care. Here are a few alternatives for keeping toothache pain at bay when it comes on, including several that only utilize natural ingredients that might already be in your home.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is great for multiple areas of toothache pain. For one, it’s known to have several antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics that make it perfect for this kind of soothing need. But in addition, it’s also highly acidic – this means it actually works to kill the bacteria that are causing the infection to begin with even while it numbs the pain. It can be found in most houses, and can be applied easily by soaking into a cotton ball and then pressing it to the painful area.

Extract, Leaves and Tea

There are several items in this realm that you might consider for dulling the pain of a toothache:

  • Peppermint: Available in tea, leaf or extract format, peppermint helps reduce swelling and soreness. Any of these formats are useful depending on what you have available in your home, with chewing peppermint leaves serving as the most direct form.
  • Vanilla, almond or lemon: Extracts of any of these substances may help as well. Each involves the same format as apple cider vinegar – soaking in a cotton ball and then applying for a short period of time until pain begins to subside.


There are a number of different oils you might use here for temporary pain relief, several of which have anti-inflammatory characteristics. Some require a combination with water, while others can be applied straight to a cotton ball and then pressed on. Some options here are sunflower, sesame, nutmeg, clog, tea tree or oregano oil.

Other Natural Items

You have several other options available to you in the natural realm:

  • Leaves and roots: Things like plantain leaves, garlic root and ginger can all relive pain temporarily.
  • Potatoes: You may not have thought of potatoes as a primary option, but they can absorb moisture produced by your saliva and help lower the swelling. Onions may also do the same.
  • Citrus: Lemons and limes provide pain relief, plus similar to apple cider vinegar are highly acidic and will work to break down bacteria that are causing the pain.
  • Turmeric: This is a spice found in many pantry racks, and has antibacterial properties that can help relieve pain. You’ll need to make it into a paste using some water.

For more tips on relieving toothache pain, or to learn about any of our other family dentist services, speak to the staff at the offices of Grant Dental today.

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