There are a few dental procedures out there that we hope will never become necessary but are often vital for tooth health, and a root canal is one of these. As a family dentist service, we at Scott Dentistry have seen numerous issues which, despite our best efforts, couldn’t be resolved using other methods and required a root canal as the final line of defense. What is a root canal, and why might you need one?

Reasons for Root Canal

The primary reason many people need a root canal is due to an infection in the pulp of a tooth. The pulp is the soft center of your tooth, and issues like bacteria and other complications can arise when it becomes infected. This isn’t the only reason for a root canal, however. Some others may include:

  • Swelling near tooth
  • Trauma to a tooth
  • Chipped, broken or decayed teeth
  • Extreme sensitivity to temperature
  • Final line of defense – other treatments were unsuccessful

Root Canal Process

Most root canals will follow a simple process:

  • X-rays are taken to determine issues and locate potential need for root canal
  • Anesthesia is given – generally local anesthesia
  • The tooth is opened and infected sections are removed, also known as pulpectomy
  • The roots of the tooth are covered and sealed, and a crown tooth is placed over the affected area by your dentist

There are people who may undergo slightly different procedures depending on their issue, but your dentist will discuss this with you if it’s needed.

After a Root Canal

You’ll have a few tasks to keep up on once you’ve completed a root canal, though most are simple and painless unless complications arise. Basic oral hygiene becomes even more important than usual after a root canal, as protecting the affected area from any further infection or irritation is important. You’ll also likely schedule a follow-up with your dentist, who may also recommend brief limitations on the types of things you can chew or eat directly after the procedure. To learn more about this or any part of our family dentistry servicespeak to our customer service professionals at Grant Dental.

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