At the offices of Grant Dental, probably our most common dental care service for adults outside basic checkups is the dental crown. A crown describes a custom cap which covers an entire tooth, all the way from the gum line to the chewing surface. It’s inserted by a dentist, most commonly to cover up problems or pain issues with the existing tooth. What are crowns used for, and how might they benefit you? Let’s take a look.

Preventive Uses

One of the primary uses for crowns is preventing possible future issues in an affected area of the mouth. Teeth can wear down over time, or become cracked and broken due to everything from basic wear to an actual mouth trauma. Some teeth and gums develop major sensitivity to temperature, and some people lose teeth for a variety of reasons. Crowns prevent these kinds of issues, and any others that might crop up. They’re strong and built to last, meaning you won’t get a brief respite before dealing with the same issues again in a couple years.

Restorative Uses

The other main use for a crown is to correct current issues, and these two uses for crowns often go hand in hand. Crowns can help repair structural damage to teeth or many forms of decay, which have often affected the patient badly enough to require assistance. There are other forms of treatment for some of these issues, but crowns are the most common and effective in most cases.


Some people come to us for crowns to cover certain unsightly teeth, and this is completely normal. Stains or discolorations on the teeth are eliminated by a crown covering, as are issues like bent or cracked teeth which aren’t responding to other forms of treatment.

Easy Procedure

Best of all, the procedure for receiving a crown from a dentist is quick and simple. You’ll have impressions taken in advance so your dentist can craft your new crown, and then you’ll come back when the crown is ready for the actual procedure. Most people get a very light form of anesthesia for the crown insertion, though this varies from case to case. When the crown has been properly inserted, that’s it – no other hoops to jump through or eating restrictions, you’re set to go. Some people experience brief discomfort with a new crown, but this will go away within a few days or weeks. To learn more about crowns or any other part of our premier dental care servicescontact the friendly staff at Grant Dental today.

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